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The 35- to 85-acre parcels of land for sale are located approximately 40 miles west of Telluride, Colorado (31 miles west of Telluride to Norwood, then 8 miles south). This means that you get right-in-your-backyard access to the beauty, culture and sports activities of the Telluride area - without paying the millions you would right for real estate in Telluride itself! Of course, all that is on top of owning 240 acres of ranch land to build your dream lodge or compound just as you want it and living right in the middle of one of the best game hunting locations in North America.


Telluride (pop. 2,200) is consistently named as one of the most beautiful places in the USA. It was even named as one of the Top Ten Places America Goes To Have Fun (May 2004, see link below) and included in the book called "100 Places to See Before You Die". Telluride is best known as a ski resort, but the small one-mile town has just as much, if not more, going for it in the summer as in the winter.

Telluride is nestled in a remote box canyon in the San Juan Mountains toward the southern end of the Rockies, at the base of the Telluride Ski Mountain (8,750'), surrounded by 13,000' peaks. Telluride consistently appears in the top ten ski resorts in Ski Magazine and at the top in ski magazine surveys for its 360-degree views and towering mountainscapes. In the winter, you can alpine ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, ice skate, ice climb. You can even go on a dog sled or a sleigh ride. If a day at the spa sounds like more fun than a winter day of exertion, one of the finest spas in the world calls Telluride its home.

The summer in Telluride is a world of culture and adventure, sure to satisfy the sophisticated, the hard-core athletes, and anyone in between. If you are a culture buff, you will be impressed by events like the Chamber Music Festival, the Telluride Film Festival, the Telluride Wine Festival, Jazz Festival and the Telluride Culinary Festival. You can even take dance classes, pottery or painting classes, enjoy a night at the Sheridan Opera House, or dine at one of the multi-star rated restaurants in town. If you are the weekend cowboy type, your events of choice might be the Wild West Fest or the Bluegrass Festival. If you are someone with a taste for unique experiences, the Annual Balloon Rally or the Mushroom Festival might just be your cup of tea.

When you want to spend time outdoors on your own or with your family in the area, you can go on remarkable hiking trips (Telluride has the highest concentration of 14,000' peaks in the country), mountain biking, jeeping, climbing, kayaking, fishing, white water rafting, outfitting and horseback riding. If watching wildlife is your thing, you will marvel at the abundant collection of mule deer, elk, marmot, pica, chipmunk, squirrel, porcupine, beaver and a large variety of birds. Mountain chickadees and song sparrows dress the woods with their songs. Bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, weasel and even the recently reintroduced lynx are found in the area as well. Bridal Veil Falls, at the east end of Telluride, is Colorado's tallest free-falling waterfall.

Last but not least, if you cannot imagine living anywhere within easy driving distance to a golf course, you will be happy to know that Telluride has an 18 hole championship golf course. Golfing in the area will be great for your confidence as well because, due to the altitude, you will instantly improve the distance your golf balls travel - by a whopping 15%!

Red rock views along the Telluride-Norwood drive.

The San Miguel river flows beside many portions of the highway between Telluride and Norwood.


Norwood is approximately 33 miles west from Telluride. To get to the property for sale, you take a scenic forty-minute drive through the red rock-rimmed San Miguel River Canyon towards Norwood, then turn south about 2 miles before Norwood and continue for 8 miles.

Norwood is the center of some of the finest hunting grounds in the country. The surrounding mesa and Uncompahgre National Forest (less than a mile away from the property) support a variety of wildlife, such as deer, elk, antelope, pheasant, grouse and duck. The San Miguel and Dolores Rivers, and many clear mountain streams provide a challenge for trout fishermen. Miramonte Reservoir, located just 4 miles from the property, offers some of the best year round lake fishing on the western slops. The season is year-round, and Cutthroat (Native), Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout are abundant in the reservoirs and rivers on and around Wright's Mesa.

In the winter, you can cross-country ski, snowshoe, or snow mobile in Norwood's national forests or high country ranch land, ice fish at Miramonte reservoir, or take a drive to ski in Telluride. In the spring and summer, you can windsurf, swim, water-ski, sail, or fish at Miramonte Reservoir (again, this is only 4 miles from the property), climb Lone Cone Mountain (or just look at the view of it from the property!) or explore desert canyon lands. You can also fly-fish, gold pan, or raft on the San Miguel River (about 20 miles away from the property). Spring runoff on the San Miguel and Dolores rivers allows for rafting, kayaking and canoeing through beautiful desert canyon country.

Norwood is a small Western town which makes
you quickly and happily forget about busy
life while you slow down to the local life.

Horses are common and welcome inhabitants of the Norwood area.

Transportation Options :

Norwood is close to three local airports: Telluride, Montrose, and Grand Junction. To learn more about the airlines and routes servicing the area, go to http://www.telluride.com/useful/airroutes_view.asp. The two primary airports that service Telluride are Telluride (TEX), 5 miles from town and Montrose (MTJ), 1.5 hours from town. Other regional airports include Grand Junction (GJT) - 128 miles north and Durango (DRO)- 120 miles southeast, both 2.5 hours away.

Service into Telluride (TEX): America West, Great Lakes Airlines

Service into Montrose (MTJ): United Express, Continental Airlines

Service into Grand Junction (GJT): United Express, America West, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines

Service into Durango (DRO): United Express, America West

During the summer, normal driving times are as follows:

  • Montrose - 1 3/4 hours
  • Durango or Grand Junction - 3 hours
  • Denver - 6 1/2-7 hours
  • Salt Lake City - 7 hours
  • Phoenix - 9 hours
  • Albuquerque - 7 hours
  • Santa Fe - 8 hours
  • Grand Canyon - 8 1/2-9 hours
  • Mesa Verde Nat'l Park - 3 hours



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